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Safe Alternative Sexual Expression

Our private community exists to enable you to explore your femininity. Whether you’re still in the closet, cautiously exploring, or ready to transition, our caring group of friends are here to support you.

Our founders envisioned S.A.S.E. to be an all-inclusive, welcoming haven for those seeking to come to terms with their transgendered and cross-dressing nature.  The Playhouse Of Domination knew this would be an acceptional idea due to number of clients interested in cross-dressing and sissy transformation. Although our community is focused on male to female transformation/cross dressing, we support our brothers and sisters in all LGBTQ communities including female to male transformation.

Our basic mission is to provide a welcoming sanctuary for those who are taking their very first steps of self-discovery. We know from experience that this can be a frightening time for those who have been closeted. The fear of loss of family, friends, employment, and standing in one’s community can be overwhelming, all for merely being gender different. Even today in our changing times, the fear of discovery, ridicule, and worse can be terrifying for those who are attempting to safely practice their gender expression. We are here for you.

We make no claims of being an “expert” in any matters, yet through our individual and collective experience we are highly knowledgeable. Our community also serves as a resource center where we can direct you to qualified professionals should that be desired.  In short, we believe that groups like ours help to save lives. Sometimes just a welcoming smile and spoken kindness can be enough to assure someone (and maybe that’s you!) that they are not alone. At S.A.S.E. we believe that once liberated from the isolation of the closet you will come to see your own transgenderism as a “gift”. So whether experienced or not, come.  We welcome you, and we exist for you!