Safe Alternative Sexual Expression




- 24/7 access to lockers


- Check your email


- Make/track discreet orders for your feminine needs


- Bulletin board for networking/trading/buying/selling


- Send/receive packages to locker room


- Floor-to-ceiling mirror for dressing needs


- Fingerprint Access to locker room


- Customer Service


- Membership upgrade available

(coming Soon)


- Discreet! Discreet! Discreet!


- 3, 6, 12 months plans Available!!

Why Should You Get a S.A.S.E Locker...

S.A.S.E Gurls is all about YOU!  Aren't you tired of having to hide your dresses, wigs, and pantyhoses from your family and friends? Do you wish to have a favorite pair of panties or boots somewhere private where you can go to it when you want. A safe S.A.S.E. place, free from ridicule and judgement.  Here at S.A.S.E Locker Room, we take care of your precious belongings. You will have your own personal locker and a place to try it on or stash them! We also have small items you may purchase (razors, shaving cream, tampons, fingernail polish, nail polish remover, etc.) at the locker room in case you need to touch up!